Arbalest, Wrath of the Warden

A bow created by the Warden of the Forests himself, Felsong, designed to defeat even the most durable creatures. Felsong seemed to be able to sprout the bow from his own body at will.

Arbalest’s handle is wrapped in a very tight, dark brown-black leather. At the cusp where nocked arrows rest against the handle, there is a golden-bronze metallic inlay. The rest of the bow is a curved, verdant green, jungle vine texture as if building on itself as a series of natural leaf scales. As it curves to the ends of the recurve bow, it flexes and shifts on its own, tightening and loosening of its own accord.
As an arrow is nocked, the bow tightens immediately; when the string is pulled back, it takes no strength to do so, as if the bow pulls the string back itself. When fired, the arrows shoot off at an incredible speed and the bow flexes forward with such intensity that it makes a roaring “woosh” sound.

Arbalest was taken from Felsong after being defeated and is currently owned by Miathyra.


Weapon (Longbow), Legendary (requires attunement)

This gorgeous longbow made of everbark from The Veil seems to flex and shift like a living entity.

Dormant State
  • +1 to ATK Roll and DMG Roll with this longbow.
  • When the wielder hits with an attack, they can declare a bramble shot: Target must make a DC 15 Strength saving throw or become restrained by the suddenly sprouting steel-hard thorn brambles that immediately grow from the arrow. The restrained target can repeat the saving throw at the end of each of its turns, ending the effect on a success. This ability cannot be used again until the wielder finishes a short or long rest.
Awakened State
  • +2 to ATK Roll and DMG Roll with this longbow.
  • Additionally, when the wielder hits with an attack using this weapon, the target takes an additional 1d4 lightning damage.
  • Bramble shot: Target takes an additional 3d8 piercing damage.
Exalted State
  • +3 to ATK Roll and DMG Roll with this longbow.
  • The lightning damage dealt by attacks with this weapon increases to 1d6.
  • Bramble shot: ability can be used twice between rests, and the saving throw DC increases to 17.

Arbalest, Wrath of the Warden

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